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Rubber Mats

Rubber mats provide traction and scrape shoes

Rubber is an essential part of almost all our mats: entrance mats, runner mats, anti-fatigue mats, outdoor mats... all contain rubber. Our commercial-grade rubber mats stand up to the most extreme environments, indoor or out, in walk-in freezers or greasy kitchens. Some of our customers even put the rubber mats in the washing machine!

Non-absorbent, hearty and durable rubber mats.

Our Nitrile rubber mats will stay flexible in cold, stand up to grease and oil in a commercial kitchen mat, and stand up to mildew and mold as a locker room or pool area mat.  We even carry rubber custom logo mats, for outdoor traction with style. 

  • Super and Safety Scrape rubber mats
    $0.00 Choose Options Super and Safety Scrape rubber mats
    Basic rubber scraper | Low profile to clear doors | Provides non-slip traction | All rubber |  These scraper door mats stop the heaviest of dirt outside the door before it enters the building. Because the Scraper mats...

  • Duragrid Interlocking Non Slip Tiles
    $3.75 Choose Options Duragrid Interlocking Non Slip Tiles
    The Duragrid is the industry leader in pool and locker room flooring. The Duragrid features a self-draining surface that keeps you dry in up to 1/2" of water. Each tile is pliable, soft and easy on bare feet. And most...

  • Niru Versa Runner
    $0.00 Choose Options Niru Versa Runner
    Niru Versa Runner and Knob Top Runner This nitrile rubber runner mat is designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip-resistant work surface. The rubber construction allows the mat to grip the floor while...

  • Deep Freeze Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Deep Freeze Mat
    The Deep-Freeze Mat is the only rubber mat specifically formulated to perform in deep-freeze environments. Tested to withstand temperatures to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, this anti-slip mat features a raised knob solid top...

  • Diamond Plate Runner
    $0.00 Choose Options Diamond Plate Runner
    Features a 5/32" thick, solid PVC vinyl compound that resists chemicals Features bold O.S.H.A. colored borders for easy non-trip access and instant identification Is easy to sweep clean Made with 100% recycled materials...