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How to Keep a Mat from Creeping or Shifting on Carpet

How to Keep a Mat from Creeping on Carpet=

The number one reason why a door mat might creep or shift on carpet is because the door mat does not have a cleated or gripper backing. Putting a smooth-backed mat (like a flat rubber backing, and unbacked cotton backing, or flat vinyl backing) on top of carpet is just asking for trouble.

Does this mean this mean you have to choose between re-positioning your doormat several times a day or throwing out your mat? No. If you already own a flat-backed mat, you can place a mat underlay like the Teebaud Underlay beneath the mat to hold it in place on your carpet.

But the best choice is to avoid having to use underlay by purchasing a mat that has a cleated or gripper backing. Most good quality door mats will give you the choice of a flat or cleated backing. The rubber carpet cleats will grab your carpet and keep your mat from creeping or shifting