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Is your shipping really free?

Yes. All orders shipped to the continential U.S. are sent by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, FREE. Customers in Hawaii or Alaska will be upgraded to UPS 2-3 Day Air for a small additional fee. If you would like your mats shipped by a faster method, simply call us at 801-367-9133 for a shipping quote.

Where do your mats ship from?

Most products will ship directly from the manufacturers: The Anderson Company and Mountville Mills in Georgia; Superior Manufacturing in Illinois; or Better Life Technology in Kansas. We do stock some items at our business in Utah.

How long before my mats ship?

Most of the mats will ship within 2-3 business days. Exceptions to this are custom logo mats and custom sizes which can take 10-14 days to ship and the Parking Pad garage mats which can take 2-3 weeks to ship.

What is your return policy?

Unused individual mats can be returned to our business in Utah: Wilde Mats and Matting, 476 S 1700 E, Springville, UT 84663. Please Contact Us before returning products to assure proper credit. We offer free outbound shipping, but return costs are the responsibility of the customer, except in the case of defects or errors. We offer a flat-rate UPS return label for $11. Returns on quantity orders may result in a 20% restocking fee.

Can I get a catalog?

Because we are distributors for four different manufacturers, we do not publish our own catalog. However, if you need printed information, please call us at 801-367-9133 and we can usually provide brochures or answer your questions.

I need something that I can't find online. Do you carry other products?

Yes. We list only our most popular products online. Because we represent a diverse group of mat manufacturers, we can usually meet any matting need. If not, we are happy to point you in the direction of someone who can. Please call or email for any products you may need that aren't listed online.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. We offer aggressive discounts on all government, school, construction or other large orders. If you think your order may qualify for a quantity discount, please call us at 801-367-9133 or Contact Us for a quick price quote.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our warranty is simple: Our mats are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturer's defects.

Which is a better backing, vinyl or rubber?

Nitrile rubber backing is the best. Nitrile rubber is grease and chemical resistant. It is also resistant to temperature changes. Mats with vinyl backing (such as cheaper products purchased at hardware stores) will eventually chip on the edges, curl or become brittle in cold weather. In some cases, vinyl-backed mats can also stain wood or carpet floors. To make it easy for you, we've made sure that all the mats listed in the indoor and outdoor mats section are safe for use on any type of floor -- linoleum, wood, marble, carpet, etc.

Which mat is best for my front door?

My best-selling mat is the Waterhog Premier. I am confident in recommending this mat for almost any entry. Because it works as both a boot-scraper and an absorbent mat, it does an excellent job of stopping water and dirt. And it looks great!

What is the difference between the Waterhog and the Waterhog Premier?

First and foremost, the difference is weight. The Waterhog Premier weighs about 25% more than the Waterhog, making it a longer lasting mat. It is also slightlly thicker -- the Waterhog measures 1/4" thick and the Waterhog Premier measures 3/8" thick. Lastly, the Waterhog Premier looks different than the Waterhog. The Waterhog Premier features a geometric pattern vs. the more simple "waffle" pattern of the Waterhog. Both mats are highly absorbent and great for entryways.

Do mats from The Andersen Company meet ADA requirements?


What is the average shipping time on a non-logo mat order?

Average ship times for all orders for non-logo mats in the year 2012 were 2.7 working days from the time the order was entered.

With the new OSHA ergonomic requirements coming into effect do Andersen anti-fatigue mats comply with these new standards?

OSHA has not set forth any standards regulating anti-fatigue mats, however, Andersen anti-fatigue mats may be used in an ergonomic program to help eliminate MSD(Musculoskeletal Disorders ) problems. For more in depth information please refer to OSHA 29CFR1910-900.

Will high heel shoes catch in the depressions in WaterHog mats?

The WaterHog mat has been in use since 1986 and walking on the surface of this mat with high heel shoes has not proven to be a problem. We believe that this is due in part to the design of the WaterHog mat with its rubber reinforced face pattern and the narrow gaps between these raised surfaces. Combine this design feature with the beveled border and you have a safe walking surface that effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture away from the traffic level. Containing the dirt and moisture on the mat greatly improves the safety of the surrounding floor surfaces.

Are your foot sizes listed exact measurements?

In most cases, no. Almost all the mats have approximate sizing that is generally an inch or two smaller than the listed foot measurement on each side. Each product page has a link to actual inch measurements for your information.

Why don't you sell coir, sisal or other natural fiber mats?

Natural fiber mats made from coconut shells or grasses are inexpensive and can initially look nice. But coir and other natural fiber mats do not retain dirt, dust or water very well. In fact, they are notorious for "kicking up dust" - precisely the opposite of what a good mat should do. They can rot and mold outdoors and become slippery. Lastly, they feel awful on bare feet. Whew! That's too many "cons" 

Why don't you sell cotton mats?

Cotton mats harbor germs and mold very quickly. To keep cotton mats fresh and healthy for your indoor environments, you would have to launder the mat often. They often slip around and provide very little traction.

Why don't you sell metal or wood door mats?

I've seen some really neat looking door mats made of metals, woods and other hard materials. But "neat looking" is where the compliments end. These door mats do almost nothing in the way of absorbing dirt, dust, and water.