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Door Mats for Dogs

Door mats for your Dogs

If I had a magical dog-paw cleaning mat, I would be a millionaire. This is certainly an issue that many of my dog-loving customers deal with everyday: How to keep floors clean with a dog running in and out all day.

While there is no one "magic dog" door mat, we have found several excellent options for keeping both man AND man's best friend happy.

We carry the highly absorbent Soggy Doggy door mats for wet poochies. Or if your dog needs traction at a slippery doorway, we recommend the Waterhog or Classic Carpets mats. 


Absorbent dog door mat or doggie traction mat?

First, like any matting situation, you should determine what kind of dirt is coming in the door on your dogs' paws. Do you have a lot of mud and wet debris? Or is it mostly dust and dry dirt?

If you have wet and muddy dirt coming in the door, you'll need an absorbent mat, like the Soggy Doggy. This mat is a real super soaker for drying fur and paws.

If you have mostly dry debris coming in with the dogs, you will want a carpet-like mat. Look for one with a twisted yarn top -- like a shag carpet. A mat with a "shag carpet" type surface will grab small, dry dirt and rocks. Then the dirt will be sifted to the bottom of the mat, away from the surface, to avoid the dreaded re-track. The dirt will remain on the bottom of the mat until you vacuum or clean it away. A good example of a soft carpet mat is the Classic Carpets mat.



  • Soggy Doggy absorbent mat for dogs
    $0.00 Choose Options Soggy Doggy absorbent mat for dogs
    Soaks water like a sponge | Non-slip backing | Made for wet dogs | Microfiber | After years of demand from dog-owners, we found an absorbent mat that truly soaks water off those doggy paws. The Soggy Doggy is made from...

  • Waterhog Classic Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Waterhog Classic Mat
    Best seller | Indoor/Outdoor | Simple waffle design | Highly absorbent | High traffic |  You're looking at the original Waterhog mat: This door mat is our top seller, winning customers with its rubber-reinforced face...

  • Classic Carpets
    $0.00 Choose Options Classic Carpets
    Low profile clears doors easily | Lays flat. Won't curl | Launderable | Soft carpet-like surface | Classic Carpet commercial mats are ideal for high traffic areas. These mats have a low profile to allow doors to open over...

  • Teebaud Mat and Rug non slip underlay
    $0.00 Choose Options Teebaud Mat and Rug non slip underlay
    TeeBaud Mat and Rug Underlay Pad. Size 2' x 4' The advanced technology Teebaud rug underlay is the best nonskid underlay you can buy. An underlay so thin that it's unnoticeable under rugs, yet it outperforms every other...