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Classic Carpets colors for 5 and 6 ft widths

Five Foot Widths available in:

Black SDN, Black Mink SDN, Blue/Black SDN, Brown/Black SDN, Browntone, Burgendy Berry, Cabot Grey, Charocal, Charcoal Heather SDN, Chocolate, Confetti Grey SDN, Cranberry, Dark Granite, Dark Green SDN, Deeper Navy SDN, Emerald Green, Golden Brown SDN, Midnight Blue, Midnight Grey, Navy, Platinum, Red/Black, Slate, Slate Grey SDN, Solid Red and Wine SDN..


Six Foot Widths available in:

Black SDN, Brown Heather SDN, Browntone, Cabot Grey, Charcoal, Charcoal Heather SDN, Cinnamon SDN, Confetti Grey SDN, Dark Granite, Forest Green SDN, Golden Brown SDN, Midnight Grey SDN, Navy Spice SDN, Red/Black, Red Pepper SDN, Slate and Slate Grey SDN.

*SDN = Solution Dyed Nylon. This mean its 100% colorfast. This is important if you are going to be laundering your mats often, if they are exposed to chemicals or long exposures to direct sunlight