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Choosing a mat that won't smell like mildew

I want a doormat that won’t smell like mildew

Many popular door mat materials like rope, coco fiber, wood or coir might look good for a few months. But if used outdoors, these types of mats will soon stink of mildew.

Many users choose an non-absorbent mat such as the Brush Hog or Rubber Brush mats that will not hold water, and therefore will not rot or mildew. 

Avoid a stinky door mat by choosing a mat made from commercial grade polypropylene, such as the Waterhog Mat. This type of material complies with strict requirements that are designed to protect industrial workers from mildew, mold and slipping.

While you may not be an industrial worker, we can all benefit from a stink-free polypropylene door mat like the Waterhog Mat.