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Anti Fatigue Mats

Our anti fatigue mats provide comfort while standing

From industrial operations to retail shops, many jobs require people to stand for long hours. Our anti fatigue mats, sometimes called cushioned mats, can help ease those long hours on your feet. 

Many people think of anti-fatigue mats as just something to "make the floor softer." However, a well-designed anti fatigue mat can do much more. You can enjoy more comfort, pain relief and even better concentration when you stand on a quality anti fatigue mat. People who must stand for extended periods risk becoming distracted with the discomfort that can result. 

Our quality anti-fatigue standing mats are firm enough to hold up to long-term daily use while providing enough cushioning to relieve stress and discomfort. 

Enjoy time in the kitchen again with cushioned mats

Common uses for anti-fatigue mats use include counter mats, salon hair cutting mats, pharmacy counter mats, checkout counter mats, factory standing mats, shop area mats.

Choose from oil and grease resistant anti fatigue mats such as the Happy Feet, the Air Flex and the Comfort Flow mats. Or add comfort to a dry-use area with our best selling Hog Heaven mats or economical Ribbed Cushion mats.

  • Complete Comfort - The Washable Laundry-Friendly Anti-Fatigue Mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Complete Comfort - The Washable Laundry-Friendly Anti-Fatigue Mat
    Indoor | Launderable | Comes in 4 colors | Antimicrobial | Improved appearance The Complete Comfort II Anti fatigue mat is "laundry friendly," allowing for easy commercial cleaning with other entrance mats and rugs. The...

  • Cushion Max
    $0.00 Choose Options Cushion Max
    Low Priced | No rubber surface | Good for home use | Diamond pattern face offers traction | Dry areas only |  The Cushion Max is a lower priced alternative to more heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats. This cushioned mat...

  • Hog Heaven anti fatigue mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Hog Heaven anti fatigue mat
    Best seller | Incredibly cushioned | Can mop surface | Resistant to water and chemicals | Custom lengths |  This new anti-fatigue mat made by the Andersen company (makers of our best-selling Waterhog entry mats) really...

  • Hog Heaven Confetti Recycled mat
    $0.00 Choose Options Hog Heaven Confetti Recycled mat
    Made for recycled car tires | Can be used outdoors | Custom lengths available | Non-slip rubber surface |  Tough enough for outdoor use, the Hog Heaven Confetti Anti-Fatigue Mat is made from recycled rubber car tires...

  • Ribbed Cushion
    $0.00 Choose Options Ribbed Cushion
    Basic Economy mat | Low cost | Good for low traffic | Dry areas only |  Ribbed Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to ease the stress of standing in place for long periods of time. These mats provide cushioned...

  • Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape
    $0.00 Choose Options Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape
    Soften cushioning rubber |  Antimicrobial for kitchen or locker room | Grease resistant | This 100% Nitrile rubber anti-fatigue mat is ideal for your tough wet environments. The Comfort Flow and Comfort Scrape mats are...

  • Happy Feet Anti Fatigue mats
    $0.00 Choose Options Happy Feet Anti Fatigue mats
    Virtually indestructible | Rubber on top and bottom make it impermeable |  Anti-static-conductive | Safe for welding | Grease proof |  Happy Feet mats are virtually indestructible. If you want to buy only one...